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Feature of Wireless Automatic Charging System

We have developed Wireless Electric Charging System that uses for AGV.
There is no risk of electric shock or spark because it is electrified by electromagnetic induction which doesn't use metal-to metal contact. Also, abrasion or replacement of contact point is NOT necessary because it is wireless.
Electrification efficiency depends on precision of contact point in normal charging, but never in wireless charging steel omega railmaster copy watches.


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No Risk of Electric Shock or Spark

Different from general charging system, 'conductive charging' (metal-to metal charging), there is no risk of electric shock or spark because we adopt our originally developed 'inductive charging' (wireless electrical connection).

No Need of Special Charging Area

Wireless charging system does not cause spark in charging area, so you don't have to set any special charging area.

Reduction of Labor Cost for Charging

You can set charging area anywhere because of inductive charging, and AGV can automatically charged in stopping point or other places within operational area. Loss in manpower and machine running time will be reduced because moving to charging point or replacement of battery seen in old system is unnecessary simple nomos imitation watches.

Running 24 Hours!

Wireless charging system enables 24-hour operation by letting AGV charged at every stopping point.

No Dead Battery

No dead battery or forgetting charging because AGV is automatically charged while it's running by wireless charging. Alternative battery for continuous run is unnecessary.

Long Life of Battery!

Charging at every stopping point while the depth of discharge (battery consumption) is relatively less, the life of battery gets prolonged. Due to the battery's peculiarity, repeated fast charge in less depth of discharge makes deterioration of electrode plate faster and shortens the life of battery.

Compact elegant replica corum lab 01!

Adopting PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) switching circuit, our charging machine is very compact.

High Durability!

Adopting inductive charging and protection of charging point by coupling, there is no corrosion of metal and durability remains excellent compared to typical conductive charging (metal to metal contact).